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Popular beverages that can impact oral health

A variety of popular beverages can impact oral health in a negative way, even drinks that are commonly deemed as "healthy". These beverages include, but are not limited to: Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, and Bottled Water.

Soft Drinks 

Soft drinks contain a high sugar and acid content. This is detrimental to oral health because bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar. As a result, the acid produced as a byproduct from the bacteria can deteriorate the tooth enamel and result in many cavities. Sugar-free soft drinks, commonly known as "diet sodas", may not have the sugar content but will contain traces of acid which can erode the enamel of the teeth. 

Bottled Water

Bottled water does not contain enough flouride which can be beneficial to the longevity of teeth. This is known as, "Fluoridated water deprivation". Most brands of bottled waters do not contain the recommended amounts of flouride. When purchasing bottled water, research regarding the amount of flouride allocated per bottle is ideal for optimal oral health. 

Energy / Sports Drinks 

Energy / sport beverages relay the same effect that the majority of soft beverages cause. Overall, sports drinks can contribute to both mineral loss and tooth decay. This occurs in the enamel of the tooth due to both the increased acid and sugar concentration. As a result, the over consumption of these sugary beverages can result in harmful effects to overall oral health.  decay and mineral loss in tooth enamel because of the high sugar and acid content in some of them.



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