In your mouth there is a vast amount of bacteria that constitute your oral microbiome. Your oral microbiome and tooth decay are closely connected. Your oral flora facilitates the health of your mouth. Oral probiotics consist of healthy bacteria that enables a healthy microbial balance in your mouth which can aid in the prevention of tooth decay. Although probiotics are mostly known for their impact on digestive health, new research is starting to show that probiotics play an active role in maintaining optimal oral health. There are many benefits of oral probiotics. One benefit includes the prevention of plaque. There are many different types of bacteria in our mouths. Some these bacteria facilitate the proliferation of plaque. A bacterial strain present in the oral probiotic actively works to combat the bacteria that facilitates plaque growth, ultimately, aiding in the prevention of plaque growth. Another benefit includes decreasing inflammation caused by gum disease. Active research shows that the consumption of an oral probiotic bacteria helps manage inflammation caused by gum disease. A specific strain of bacteria known as Lactobacillus brevis has been found to decrease inflammation associated with gum disease. All in all, there are a number of benefits associated with the daily consumption of a daily probiotic. Here in our office, we recommend, “Hyperbiotics PRO-DENTAL” oral probiotic. This probiotic comes in the form of a chewable minty tablet.



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