The daily intake of vitamins are essential due to the fact many essential supplements that aid in a healthy lifestyle cannot be synthsized by the human body. Therefore, the consumption of dietary supplements is well advised. While vitamins contribute to overall health, there are particular vitamins that enhance oral health. These vitamins include: Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, and Vitamin A. 


In respect to calcium, this is on of the most important minerals for healthy teeth because it strengthens your enamel. Ways to consume more calcium can be by eating dairy products, leafy greens, beans, and healthy fats like almonds.


In respect to Vitamin D, this enhances oral health because it boost mineral density of the teeth. This occurs through absorbing, carrying, and depositing calcium in the bones that support your teeth.Ways to consume more Vitamin D can be by eating dairy products and cereal are fortified with vitamin D, but you can also get it naturally from the sun as well as consuming supplements. 



In respect to the vitamin Phosphorus, this plays a critical role in dental health because it naturally protects and rebuilds tooth enamel. The best sources of phosphorus can be by consuming protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.


In respect to Vitamin A, this vitamin is a key nutrient in keeping your gums healthy as well as building tooth enamel. Most foods with vitamin A are orange. Foods that are rich in vitamin A are  sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, and carrots. 


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