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Going here is an absolutely wonderful experience. I actually look forward to going to the dentist! I have Dr. Vero and Margaret as my dental technician. I’ve been very comfortable with both of them. Margaret engages me in conversation and shows that she genuinely cared. Anna, the Office Manager, is so sweet and welcoming! Everyone is great about answering any and all questions. As Margaret cleaned my teeth, she explained everything that she was doing. My teeth felt incredibly healthy and smooth after having left my appointment and for a long time afterward.

Elizabeth K.

Overcoming a childhood distrust and aversion to all dentists, my faith has been restored through the caring approach of Doctors Vero and Fumo and their wonderful staff. Their offices are meticulously clean and the atmosphere is very relaxing. They provide a wide array of options for most dental work and their services are state of the art. I give them a 10 out of 10.

Lisa M.

 My wife had previously developed a fear or skepticism of all dentists. I've been searching for a new dentist for her who would overcome that situation and give my wife some needed care. I found that new dentist in the form of the gentle and caring Dr. Christine Fumo and her caring staff who have met with both of us. In previous experiences we had been pressured tactics to all kinds of expensive (for us) cosmetic dentistry. We're senior citizens and have no desire to look like Hollywood stars. Our teeth are at least straight and unstained. A tender, sympathetic, and talented Dr. Fumo has shown us only a concern for our proper best care and health using the latest and best of dental technology. We are happy that we found her, and we look forward also to meeting the highly respected Dr. Vero.


Arthur and Patty

 Very helpful and caring! They run an excellent service. A definite A+.

- Phil C.

 While my semi-annual trips to the dentist are not something I look forward to, I know that I can expect the best of care from Pam and Dr. Vero. Pam maintains a pleasant level of chit chat throughout my cleaning. And Dr. Vero explains everything that he's doing during an exam or procedure -- no surprises. Kudos to the rest of the staff, too! You would be hard pressed to find a more able, professional and technically proficient practice anywhere.

Michael L.

 I always dreaded the dentist because of the pain my teeth were a disaster it took an emergency to bring me here little or no pain made me keep coming back and now I have a healthy mouth cavity free and do my regular checkups without fear.

- Anthony T.

Dr. Vero and the entire staff are fantastic. Top notch dentistry and they make everyone feel like family. You will not find a more skilled and thorough practice.

- Thomas Mattioli

A visit to the dentist is not on my list of places I want to be but the office of Drs. Vero & Fumo is an exception. In addition to thorough,top quality care the staff is exceptionally friendly, courteous and helpful beyond the norm. I actually enjoy going there!

 - Sheila Moroney


Your Testimonial : If you're using the same dentist for over 35 years, he must be doing something right. Dr. Vero not only treats your teeth, he educates you as well. He tells you what is good or bad with your teeth, what can or should be done and whenever there is a choice for treatment, lets you make the decision with his counsel. His technique is flawless. Some people exhibit extreme nervousness when in the chair. Not so with Dr. Vero. We have recommend friends and they have thanked my wife and myself for recommending him.

- Howard Siegel

Dr. Vero and his office staff are simply the best! My first experience there was a dental emergency on a Saturday, and what a pleasant surprise! This bright and bustling office was open and Dr. Vero quickly resolved the problem that otherwise could have been a major issue. I was so impressed that I took my aunt, who is elderly, there today because she was having dental discomfort and has been unhappy with her former dentist. Again, simply the best! The combination of a warm and welcoming atmosphere, efficient and personable care and a high level of expertise again added up to an outstanding experience on all counts. This dental office is a true gem!

- Karen Bronson

Your Testimonial : I've been a patient of dr.Vero for a few years and I'm very happy.They are all extremely professional ,paient ,friendly and helpful.Also really good with kids.Highly recomended!

- Rosanna C.

The work is very professionally done.  The staff is always friendly and caring.  You're not getting your hair done! But they make it as pleasant as possible.

- Kelly N

Thank you so much to Dr. Vero and his fantastic team. Dr. Vero was the first dentist I have ever met to take the time and really explain to me the issues I was having and the reasons they were happening. He came up with a dental plan tailored to me and not just another reactionary procedure which is what seemed to have happened in the past. The thought and aftercare that I have received from Dr. Vero is second to none. Dr. Vero, Dr. Fumo and their entire team are extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind. They have helped put a smile back on my face and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I am so confident that I am in the best hands here and feel very lucky to have found this office. The staff is so friendly and the offices are so lovely. Thank you again to all.

I have had all my dental work done here since I was a kid. I have had chipped teeth repaired, capped teeth, root canals, implants, regular cleanings, and of course, cavities filled ---done with care & attention to detail . . . even the anesthesia has seemed painless. I leave feeling like I just left a spa . . . and by the way, they are conveniently located off Central Ave & I-87 in an idylic hamlet-like neighborhood with a Cake Bakery, a Carvel's Ice-Cream, a pizzeria, a Thai restaurant, a super market down the road. I wish you could see my smile.

- John T

Very helpful and caring, they run a great service and know what they're doing

- Adel N

They have a great professional staff and a very clean facility. I highly recommend anyone to get their dental service done here.

- E. Delgado

I can confidently say that Dr. Vero and his staff are the most patient and caring office I have ever been to, so now I only go to him. Dr. Vero is extremely professional and truly talented.
Thank you for my great smile.

- Mike

Great Dentists, Great Staff, Great Location...
makes for a very good dental Office... Thank you for giving me my beautiful smile which I always get compliments on.... Highly recommended!

- Katie

My seven year old cousin was visiting in the US and fell from her bicycle. She broke one of her front teeth and we were worried the root might have been damaged. My brothers are already patients of Dr. Vero and Dr. Fumo so I quickly scheduled an appointment. I had never been in the office but I was delighted and so were my little cousin and her mom. Dr. Vero, Dr. Fumo, and the whole staff were so warm and welcoming, making us feel immediately at home.
After making sure that there was no damage to the root of my cousin's tooth, Dr. Fumo did an incredible job of reshaping the broken tooth.
My cousin was so happy and excited that when we got home she was showing her tooth to everybody!!! I thank Dr. Vero, Dr. Fumo, and the whole staff for their professionalism and charisma, which made our visit so pleasant!!! I certainly recommend these great professionals!!!

 - Regina T

My husband has been visiting this office since Middle School. Now it is our family's dentist. Our 6 and 7 year old girls have been with Dr's Vero and Fumo since their first dental visit and are always excited to get their teeth cleaned. Pam and Margarety are awesome, fun, and patient with our children. Dr's Vero and Fumo are caring and sensitive to our many different needs. The office staff is courteous and professional. The rooms are always clean and the treasure chest is always full of goodies for the kids. I highly recommend the practice. You won't be disappointed!

-Vivian and Paul F

I have had all my dental work done here since I was a kid. I have had chipped teeth repaired, capped teeth, root canals, implants, regular cleanings, and of course, cavities filled ---done with care & attention to detail . . . even the anesthesia has seemed painless. I leave feeling like I just left a spa . . . and by the way, they are conveniently located off Central Ave & I-87 in an idylic hamlet-like neighborhood with a Cake Bakery, a Carvel's Ice-Cream, a pizzeria, a Thai restaurant, a super market down the road. I wish you could see my smile.

- John T.

My visit has always been so relaxing..My hygienist is so gentle. Dr Vero is so lite to the touch..I love the staff..

- Arline Schaefer

Visits to the dentist and the dental probing of the hygienist are always preceded with at least some trepidation if not outright anxiety... It seems it would be painful if not difficult to write a positive note about one's dentist... This is not the case when it is a review of my experience with Dr. Vero and his wonderful staff.
Their professional skill and exceptional care have no match. They are most knowledgeable and their services are always delivered with warmth and truly personal concern with great attention to the value of a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. They are the Best! More than a testimonial this is an opportunity for me to say thanks to them for the many years I have enjoyed their superb care. Leon Chattah

- Leon Chattah

I'm 65 years old and I've been a Dr. Vero patient for over 20 years. Without question, he is the BEST dentist I have ever seen. All anxiety, leaves as soon as you enter his office suite.  All of his staff, and fellow dentist, Dr. Fumo, are exceptional people. I've recommended many people to see Dr. Vero. All have remained life long patients. He is a very skilled, kind, gentle man.
Once you see him, you will never seek another dentist.

- Wayne C.

The professional and hospitable enviornment provided by Dr. Vero and his staff is only exceeded by the experience and skills of dentistry that they offer to their patients. Thank you Dr. Vero for the care and service you have given to me for the last twenty-five years.

- Mary E. Byrnes, PBVM

Dr. Vero and his staff just treat you with great care and concern. What dentist calls you at home to see how you are doing afterward? Dr. Vero does! Great dentist, great work, now a great smile. Thanks to Dr. Fumo also who takes the time to make you feel comfortable while in the chair. My wife Patti had a great fear of dentist. She over came that thanks to the professional care she received. Dr. Vero, Dr.Fumo and staff now feels like family to me. The best dental group anywhere!

- Jose Bonilla

What an amazing experience I had with this wonderful Office. I am a brand new patient here and Dr. Vero, Dr. Fumo & the Staff are great. I am being treated for a root canal. Everytime I come to this Office, it gets better and better. I never felt like family in a Dr.'s Office before. Please go experience these great people for yourself. You will not regret it. Thank you for making my visits comfortable/pleasant.

- Felicia P.

Dr. Vero and the entire staff are awesome. They have created a family atmosphere which makes the patient feel at home. You can tell within minutes of entering the office that this is a staff that really cares for the patient. I would and have recommended Dr. Vero to my family and friends.

- Ami Shah

Our family have been patients of Dr. Vero and his associates for over 40 years. Our daughter and grandchildren are also treated at Dr Vero's office. Even though we have moved out of the area we still continue to return to this practice because it is technically excellent, professionally managed and yet has a casual, caring and comfortable environment.

- Nina and Tony Cocchi

Since the 1990's I have been coming to Dr. Vero's practice and I have nothing but praise for the entire staff. You're always warmly welcomed. You can tell everyone there enjoys working with Dr. Vero. The staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Vero's practice.

- Norma Silva Guzman

 I have been a patient of Dr. Vero for the past 38 years and would never in a millon years even consider going to another Dentist. I have also had the pleasure on occasions to be a patient of Dr. Fumo and she is an extrodonary Dentist as well. The entire staff treat me like one of the family.I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Dr. Vero and his highly competent staff

- Vinny Miccoli

When I married my husband in 1983, I gained a wonderful family dentist and a treasured friend!! I've required extensive dental work over the years and Dr. Vero's magical hands steadily glide their way around my mouth with an artists touch. Everyone in the office really goes the extra mile to minimize pain and ensure comfort. You'll find that this staff quickly becomes an appendage to your life as they care for your teeth and also care about you. It's taken Dr. Vero a lot of years to find a talented doctor to join him but, Dr. Fumo really does this dental team proud! I am happy to know that I have each of these individuals in charge of my care and I look forward to all of the laughs & smiles we share together.......

- Wendy Miccoli

Dr. Vero and his staff are a very caring, talented, courteous, and professional group of people. I have been a patient for over thirty years and I have taken advantage of several of his services ranging from semi annual checkups to veneers, crowns and teeth whitening. Dr. Vero and his staff are always there for you in emergencies and they will take care of you. After all these years, he still calls after a procedure to make certain that you are OK. Dr. Vero and his staff are excellent and that is why I remain a very satisfied patient.

- Jim

I have been a patient of Dr. Vero for about 5 years. His entire staff has been great to my family and I. I dont know of any other dentist that calls a patient at 8pm to see how they are doing. I drive from Philadelphia to his Yonkers office because of the care my family receives. Its a 2 hour drive but totally worth it.

 - Div Telwala

I've been a patient at Dr. Vero's practice from when he first opened the office more than 30 years ago. He, Dr. Fumo and the entire staff are truly the best and most professional in the field. I give them my highest recommendation.

 - Jan Carl

She's a dentist, she's an artist, She is a sculptor too;
She is perrfectionista, To her much praise is due.
She placed me in that swivel chair, And she allaid my fears;
With all the care and time she took, these teeth should last a-thousand years !

- Maureen Keary

Both times that I have seen Dr. Fumo and her wonderful assistant, Denys, have been amazing. I have never had such a pleasant experience at a Dentist office before in my life, and I am very grateful.

- Theresa Lennon

Great dentists,warm and friendly staff, I recomend them highly! A.W.

- Amanda

I usually put off appointments to a hygienist--but Margarety was very gentle and thorough in my cleaning that it was a pleasure to have the work done. My teeth feel terrific. Dr. Fumo is excellent and my crown work is going very well--it's obvious she values quality work and takes the time to do it right. I’ve also had two teeth pulled quickly and painlessly by Dr. Shahgoli. I appreciate Dr. Vero’s specialized attention to his clients. He always finds the time to follow up and I feel like I’m in good hands. The entire office is friendly and outgoing. I wish I could praise everyone individually, but I’ll say this: Thanks everyone for the excellent service and for making me feel very welcome in the office. I look forward to seeing you. It’s always a pleasure!


Dr. Vero and his staff is professional,highly motivated and friendly. They provide patients with the highest quality, up-to-date treatment and services available with the least amount of pain or discomfort. As soon as you walk into the office your fears disappear. You are greeted by warm, kind, compassionate and welcoming staff. The work Dr. Vero does looks so natural. He is a leader in his field. I highly recommend this office. You will have a positive dental experience. Thank you all so very much.

- Carmel Mangan

From my first visit, I felt comfortable and relaxed with Dr. Vero and his entire staff. It is like visiting family when I come for my appointments. Everyone working there from the office to the lab rooms are not only extremely competent but very warm and pleasant. They clearly love their work AND love working THERE! Dr. Vero gives me sound advice and respects my choices. He has his attention on my lifestyle as well as my health. I could not be happier about having found Dr. Vero and his whole team.

- Cindy Joseph

Dr. Vero and Dr. Fumo are tremendous dentists. They have hands of gold and I thank God for them. They are experts in the field - professional, personal and are always there when you need them. I moved to to Connecticut and still travel to them because they have cared for my teeth over the years,and it has been a blessing for me to have great check ups and great care! I highly recommend them!

- Sr. Mary Loretta, Sister of Life

I have been coming here many years even though I have dental coverage elsewhere, but it's worth paying to know I can trust my teeth to professional, caring people who listen to your concerns and try to help you as best they can. The entire staff is wonderful. This is the place to come for all your dental needs.

- Susan Lynch

Going to the dentist is never someone's favorite thing to do. I can honestly say, however, since going to Dr. Vero I'm no longer dreading my dentist visits. I know I am in very competent hands and I know both Dr. Vero and Dr. Fumo are attentive to all my concerns and will do whatever is needed to make sure my mouth is healthy and with no pain. Most exceptional, however, is the atmosphere in the office — the entire staff, without exception, is kind, gentle, extremely understanding and they simply make you feel comfortable -- that's really important. I often laugh with my sister on the phone in Alabama and tell her that it would be worth the trip up to N.Y. once a year to make a visit to my dentist -- you wouldn't believe it -- they will become like family! They simply understand and I trust them completely...Her response, "Isn't that what everyone is looking for? I'm might just do that!" I would highly recommend them - no one should fear going to the dentist!

- Sr. Elizabeth Ann

Dr. Vero has been my dentist for the past 36 years. He and the entire office staff are conscientious and caring. Besides routine dental care (cavities and prophylaxis), Dr. Vero does excellent cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Vero, Dr. Fumo and the entire staff make you feel like family whenever you visit the office.

CP Carl

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